5 Standout Takeout and Delivery Cheesesteaks in Denver

A cheesteak from Pat's Philly Steaks & Subs in Denver, CO
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When you’re craving a Philly cheesesteak you want it done right! Tender thin-sliced sizzling ribeye with all the essential grilled veggies, glued together with ooey gooey melty cheese & stuffed into a hot chewy roll.

Here are 5 Standout Takeout and Delivery Cheesesteaks in Denver you can count on to satisfy that Phat Philly Phix!

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order.

Owner of Best Philly Steak in Arvada, CO making Philly cheesesteaks to order.
Photo: Best Philly Steak Facebook

1. Best Philly Steak

6350 Sheridan Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003
(720) 667-4702
Takeout Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm & Sunday 12pm-6pm
Delivery with DoorDash, GRUBHUB & Uber Eats

If you’re looking for a new spin on the classic cheesesteak, Best Philly Steak in Arvada makes a fantastic Korean take on the famous sandwich.

A family run business, every cheesesteak is made to order. They start out pretty authentic with an Amoroso roll packed with a whole lot of thinly sliced, tender ribeye. But the toppings go far beyond the typical onions, peppers, & mushrooms.

Gourmet philly twists include: their Pirate’s Cove made with soft shell crab over ribeye, smothered with Thai curry & ginger and topped with spring greens; the Asian fusion Shanghai Express mixes steak, tender pork belly, onions, mushrooms, & caps it off with sweet garlic chili.

A thank you message from the business owners of Best Philly Steak to their customers

They may not adhere strictly to the traditional Philly sandwich, but Best Philly Steak makes a mean cheesesteak! For dessert don’t miss out on the caramel filled churros!

Photo: Amazon

A Philly Cheesesteak from D'Angelo's Italian Deli in Boulder, CO
Photo: D’Angelo’s Facebook Page

2. D’Angelo’s Italian Deli

3325 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 247-9000
Takeout Monday-Friday 11am-8pm & Saturday 11am-6pm
Closed Sunday
Delivery with ChowNow, DoorDash & Uber Eats 

I know D’Angelo’s isn’t in Denver, but I’d hate to not recognize one of the areas BEST cheesesteak spots! With quarantine traffic making US 36 bearable, a takeout trip to D’Angelo’s for a delicious sandwich is a great reason to get out of the house!

Although not exclusively a cheese steak shop, they also offer tasty specialty cutlets, & hoagies. Try their Bacon & Garlic Cheese Steak made with chopped ribeye, grilled onions, spinach, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic mayo, & provolone.

Cheese Steak Fries loaded with chopped ribeye, grilled onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, melted cheese, and sprinkled with Old Bay Crab Seasoning at D'Angelo's Italian Deli in Boulder, CO
Photo: D’Angelo’s Italian Deli Facebook

Want to double up on the Philly experience? They’ve got bomb Cheese Steak Fries loaded with chopped ribeye, grilled onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, melted cheese & sprinkled with Old Bay Crab Seasoning.

The hand rolled Meatball Parm sandwich at D'Angelo's Italian Deli in Boulder, CO
Photo: D’Angelo’s Italian Deli Facebook

If you’re considering getting a second sandwich, their hand rolled Grandma Dot’s Meatball and Parm & Chicken Cutlet grinders are also delish! BEST Cheesesteak in Boulder!

Photo: Amazon

The Helton cheesesteak made with chopped ribeye, jalapenos, mushrooms, and cheez wiz from Denver Ted's Cheesesteaks in downtown Denver, CO.
Photo: Denver Ted’s Cheesesteaks Facebook

3. Denver Ted’s Cheesesteaks

2020 Lawrence St
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 830-9089
Curbside Takeout Monday - Saturday 11am-11pm & Sunday 11am-9pm
Delivery with ChowNow & DoorDash 

Since this popular cheesesteak place is located in the Ballpark neighborhood it’s apropos that many of their sandwiches are named after Denver sports legends. My fav is the “Chauncey.” The bread is soft & filled with super tender, melt in your mouth steak, grilled peppers & mushrooms, and wit whiz & provolone!

Jalapeno Corn Nuggs made with kernel corn, sweet corn cream sauce, and diced jalapeno from Denver Ted's Cheesesteaks in downtown Denver, CO.

I recommend adding an order of their MUST GET Jalapeno Corn Nuggs! Bite sized fried nuggets jam-packed with kernel corn, sweet corn cream sauce & diced jalapeno for heat. As an added bonus you can order beer, wine, ciders, hard seltzers & shots to pair with your cheesesteak!

Denver Ted’s Cheesesteaks was recognized by Thrillist as “The Country’s BEST Cheesesteaks NOT Made in Philly.” You definitely want to make sure Denver Ted’s is in your cheesesteak rotation!

Photo: Amazon

Large Marge's Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in Wheat Ridge, CO
Photo: Large Marge’s Facebook

4. Large Marge’s Philly Cheesesteaks

3890 Kipling Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 463-4549
Takeout Thursday-Sunday 10am-8pm

At Large Marge’s there are 19 varieties of the famed sandwich on the menu & 6 housemade hot sauces, so you can get super customizable. They start with an authentic cheesesteak foundation bringing in ribeye & Amoroso rolls straight from Philly.

Some of the interesting versions include: Green Chili Philly, Breakfast Philly, Taco Philly & Dilly Cheesesteak. My favorite sauces are their original cayenne based “Poo Sauce,” sweet BBQ, spicy ranch, & spicy ketchup.

Large Marge’s Philly Cheesesteaks renditions hit the spot when you can’t make it to Philly!

A foodie "Rocky" T-Shirt from Large Marge's Philly Cheesesteaks in Wheat Ridge, CO.
Photo: Large Marge’s Facebook

Foodie Merch Alert!!! Large Marge’s has an AWESOME graphic “Rocky” T-Shirt for sale for $20. House Poo Sauce is also sold in gift bottles for $5. Great way to support local small business!

The BEST Philly cheesesteak sandwich in Denver from Pat's Philly Steaks & Subs.

5. Pat’s Philly Steaks & Subs

7419 East Illiff Ave
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 873-0907
Takeout Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm & Sunday 11am-8pm
Delivery with ChowNow, DoorDash, GRUBHUB, Postmates & Uber Eats

Looking for a place in Denver that specializes in making cheesesteaks? Pat’s Philly Steak & Subs is your place to go! They are my #1 pick for cheesesteaks in Denver!

What distinguishes Pat’s irresistible authentic cheesesteak from the rest? High-quality fresh ingredients! Their winning formula: A super soft & chewy East Coast style roll, overflowing with tender juicy flavorful ribeye, & loaded with melty cheese. They have seven delicious takes on the classic Philly.

Purist will say the best cheesesteaks are in Philadelphia, but Pat’s Philly Steaks & Subs is trying to prove them wrong!

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