D Bar is Denver’s Sweetest Restaurant

Enjoying the Molten Cake Thingy That Everyone Has
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook
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D Bar is a beloved Denver restaurant destination serving elevated comfort food and exquisite desserts! The “d” in D Bar may stand for many things: Denver, drinks, dining, dessert, or I think damn DELICIOUS! A culinary gem you put on your Denver dining bucket list, and keep returning any chance you get!

Celebrating a birthday at D Bar and enjoying classic crème brulee.
Celebrating a birthday at D Bar.

This upscale eatery is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, date night, brunch, afternoon tea, girls night out, before or after a show, and definitely a MUST-TRY restaurant if you’re visiting from out of town! 

Parking Tip: There is FREE 2 hour parking available in the City Block Parking Garage Leasing & Retail space attached to D Bar.

  • The pastry case at D Bar full of sweet treats to bring home.
  • D Bar Restaurant on a beautiful night in Denver, CO.
  • D Bar Denver Restaurant patio seating on a beautiful day.
  • The D Bar dessert bar in Denver, CO


The ambiance is sophisticated comfort. The restaurant breaks up into five areas: bar, restaurant, patio seating, a walk up pastry case where you can buy delightful sweets to take home, and the prime seats in the house – the dessert bar!

The chefs counter gives unique access to a spectacular dessert show. Watch first hand as pastry chefs precisely compose and intricately plate these magnificent sweet courses!

My Favorite Dishes at D Bar: Crue Fries, Crispy Chicken Wings, Bacon Mac & Cheese, the D Bar Burger, Cake & Shake, Ch Ch Ch Churros, Molten Cake Thingy Everyone Has, and ANY Seasonal Desserts.

Instead of sports on the TV, Food Network plays in the background. The restaurant is co-owned by husband and wife culinary team Keegan Gerhard & Lisa Bailey. They both have the distinct honor of being named one of the nation’s Top 10 Pastry Chefs. Celebrity Chef Gerhard also was the former host of the Food Network Challenge. You know they take their food seriously.

"Tropic Like it’s Hot" dessert
“Tropic Like it’s Hot” dessert.
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

d is for Dessert

It’s not often I lead an article discussing a restaurants after dinner treats. But their is no denying D Bar’s signature is decedent desserts. As a sign on their wall says “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

Gianduja Like Passionfruit dessert
Gianduja like Passionfruit dessert.
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

If you heeded my advice you already scored a seat at the dessert bar. Sitback and enjoy your meal while watching pastry chef magician masterfully mixing art and dessert.

My Name is Earl dessert made with Earl Grey Tea and Citrus
“My Name is Earl” made with Earl Grey Tea.
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

The hardest decision will be narrowing down your dessert selection. No matter the choice, it will be a visually pleasing experience as well as divine for your tastebuds! Artfully plated and meticulously put together with love. Let’s take a look at some of these tantalizing treats before you make your next visit to D Bar. There’s no shame in planning your dessert in advance!

  • A seasonal summer dessert created at D Bar Denver Restaurant
  • Stop and Smell the Roses Seasonal Dessert created at D Bar Restaurant in Denver, CO
  • A seasonal fall dessert at D Bar Restaurant in Denver, CO
  • Strawberry Fields seasonal dessert created at D Bar Restaurant in Denver, CO
  • Getting Figgy With It seasonal dessert at D Bar Restaurant in Denver, CO.
  • Death by Chocolate Halloween dessert made with a Chocolate Raspberry tart draped in decadent chocolate

Seasonal Sweets

All the desserts on the D Bar menu are standouts. Although the seasonal sweets really showcase the pastry ingenuity and multi-flavor experience. Many could easily be confused for a piece of modern artwork.

  • A pastry chef at D Bar creating their seasonal "Winter Wonderful" dessert using a record player.
  • The seasonal dessert Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

When they create the “Winter Wonderland” seasonal dessert they use a real record player as a kitchen gadget to balance the plate on and delicately spread the chocolate sauce into an interesting circular pattern.

A chocolate peppermint yule log is then places on the plate and topped with white chocolate peppermint ice cream. Perfect pillows of light meringue are placed on the side. The dish is then dusted with peppermint and chocolate crumble. A candy Christmas tree is strategically placed to complete the holiday edible landscape.

  • The seasonal dessert "Beach Please" made with mango mousse, coconut cream, compressed pineapple, mango salad, coconut tuile, and pina colada sorbet
  • The seasonal dessert "Beach Please" made with mango mousse, coconut cream, compressed pineapple, mango salad, coconut tuile, and pina colada sorbet
  • The seasonal dessert "Beach Please" made with mango mousse, coconut cream, compressed pineapple, mango salad, coconut tuile, and pina colada sorbet

Beach Please!

The “Beach Please!” is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!  Made with mango mousse, coconut cream, compressed pineapple, mango salad, coconut tuile, and pina colada sorbet. My favorite component in this dessert is the coconut tuile. They are thin coconut cookies. I had something very similar at SOMA Chocolatemaker in Toronto if you’re ever in that area. This dessert is light and delightfully refreshing. Perfect for the summer patio.

The luscious Cake & Shake at D Bar
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

Cake & Shake

One of the BEST chocolate cakes in all of Denver! A 3 layer intensely rich mountain of chocolate cake that stands at least 4″ tall – no exaggeration. This cake is truly for the chocolate fans! It’s everything you want a chocolate cake to be. Moist. Velvety Madagascar chocolate frosting goodness. Paired with a scratch made vanilla, chocolate, or raspberry milkshake.My recommendation is the raspberry which balances the luxe cake nicely. This could be a meal!

Enjoying churros at D Bar Denver Restaurant
D Bar’s Ch Ch Ch Churros

Ch Ch Ch Churros

D Bar has some of the BEST churros in Denver! Piping hot soft jumbo churros coated in cinnamon sugar served with savory caramel sauce to dunk. Nosh on vanilla ice cream to cut the sweetness, and get your palate ready for the next glorious bite.

  • Watching a pastry chef at D Bar make their Molten Chocolate Cake at their dessert bar.
  • Eating the "Molten Cake Thingy That Everyone Has" at D Bar Denver Restaurant

Molten Cake Thingy That Everyone Has…

This ain’t no chain restaurant volcano molten cake! By drawing on the classic combination of chocolate and berries, this dessert flawlessly unites a gluten-free chocolate cake. Topped with glamourous crunchy chocolate lace, fresh to-die-for raspberry compote, housemade chocolate sauce, and from scratch pistachio ice cream. If molten lava cakes are your thing? This one is not to be missed!

D Bar’s Salted Caramel Martini

d is for Drinks

If you don’t feel like eating dessert you can always drink it! Whether you start your meal off with dessert in a glass, or end with a perfect post-dinner boozy treat, they’ve got a few delightful dessertinis.

My favorite libation is their Salted Caramel martini. It’s made with vanilla vodka, housemade caramel, cream, and sea salt.

I’ve also enjoyed their Disco Dust Martini. Served with an edible white chocolate strawberry dusted disco decoration floating on top. You also can’t go wrong with some decadent Canadian Inniskillin ice wine!

  • Ravioli
  • Asian Flatbread
  • Spring Veggie Quinoa Salad with Charred Spring Onion Vinaigrette
  • Avocado Toast
  • Fall Panzanella Salad made with torn country bread, roasted carrots & parsnips, squash, crispy brussels & kale, goat cheese, toasted pepitas, bacon vinaigrette
  • The Pizza Salad Sandwich is made on a thin crust topped with basil pesto, simple salad, goat cheese, shaved pecorino mozzarella and pine nuts.
  • Ricotta Fruit Toast
  • Maryland Style Lobster Roll and Old Bay Potato Chips
  • The 3 cheese grilled cheese is made with havarti, white cheddar, and fontina. Served with your choice of seasonal soup.

d is for Dining

While dessert is not to be missed there is much more to explore on their menu. Making recommendations is challenging because everything on the menu is very intentional and well thought out. Many of the items I’ll suggest have literally been voted top in town. Upscale comfort food using fresh ingredients with a playful twist. Lets dive into some of the delicious dishes and libations that sets this Denver eatery apart!

Delicios Crue Fries at D Bar made with parm fries, mac & cheese sauce, cheddar-jack cheese, bacon, ranch, and chives.

Crue Fries

I pretty much start with D Bar’s Crue Fries every time I dine here! A sinfully delicious work of comfort food genius. Some of the best cheese fries I’ve ever had! What makes these so good? They take their delish Parmesan fries and smother them in housemade silky smooth Mac & Cheese sauce. Oh, their not done. Then they top them with more cheddar and jack cheese, bacon, ranch and chives. OMG! It’s a huge portion but you can get a smaller version at happy hour. The fries are thin cut and would go perfect with a milkshake. Maybe even a boozy shake?

Crispy Chicken Wings

Another great appetizer is their Crispy Chicken Wings. Tossed in a sweet & spicy sauce that has a great balance between heat, sweet, and slight acidity. The wings are capped with fried habanero cheese curds and creamy goat cheese vinaigrette for dipping.

Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

Bacon Mac & Cheese

The BEST grownup Mac & Cheese in Denver!  Creamy 4 cheese mac sauce paired with smoky bacon. Topped with crunchy Cheez It & Panko crumbs. You can add chicken or a lobster tail if you’re feeling fancy. They have two sizes of Mac and even the half portion is generous. Remember you’ve got to save room for dessert!

D Bar Burger made with Niman ranch prime beef, bacon, cheddar, pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, an a-1 aioli. Served with Parm fries.
The delicious D Bar Burger
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

D Bar Burger

A dessert restaurant isn’t really the place you’d think you’ll find the best burgers in town, but 5280 Magazine named the D Bar Burger to it’s “Denver’s Best Burgers” List. After devouring a few, I concur. What makes this cheeseburger so delish? Start with a soft squishy bun and tender cooked beef patty. Dress it up with bacon, thinly sliced fried sweet onion strings, an a-1 aioli fusion, melted cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Add lettuce so crispy you hear that crunch when you bite down. Served with parmesan fries which are good, but I’d rather have their out of this world Crue Fries.

There’s no better way to end a delicious meal than with an elegant dessert. I guarantee the farewell course is so good here, it’ll be the reason you say hello to D Bar all over again!

Bonus Tip: D Bar does a delightful afternoon tea everyday. Just call 24 hours in advance to make a reservation.

Afternoon tea time is served everyday at D Bar Denver Restaurant in Denver, CO.
D Bar Afternoon Tea Time
Photo: D Bar Restaurant Facebook

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