D Bar – Denver’s Sweetest Dessert Restaurant

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D Bar is one of my all time favorite restaurants!  A beloved go to spot serving elevated comfort food and exquisite desserts. The “D” in D Bar may stand for Denver, drinks, dining, or dessert. I just think it’s a Delicious culinary gem you put on your Denver dining bucket list, and keep returning every excuse you get!

Perfect for any occasion:  birthdays, anniversaries, date night, brunch, afternoon tea, girls night out, before or after a show, and definitely a must do if you’re visiting from out of town! 

D Bar does birthdays classy and over the top, but it’s perfect for any occasion!

Usually at certain restaurants they are known for specific signature items on their menu. While D Bar is no exception, they are definitely known for their decedent desserts! There is so much more to explore on their menu. It’s hard to just recommend one thing.

I’ve never come here and had a bad experience. Everything on their menu is very intentional and well thought out.  The pride they take in their restaurant comes shining threw in every element of their business . No detail is missed. When I was dining there last spring the owner was outside planting flowers in the front.  Not a hired company, but the actual owner!

The restaurant break up into five areas: bar, restaurant, and patio seating. A walk up dessert case where you can buy delightful mini sweets to take home, and what I think is the best seats in the house – the dessert bar! This is where all the magic happens and you can watch them make the fabulous dessert creations!

Instead of regular sports on the TV, the Food Network plays in the background. You know they take their eats seriously here. You’ve entered a food centric universe. Lets dive into some of the delicious food and libations that sets this restaurant apart!

D Bar dessert case full of mini sweets

Start with a Dessertini

As the sign on the wall says “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” Live on the wild side and start your meal with a delightful dessertini! My favorite liquid appetizer is their Salted Caramel Martini. It’s made with vanilla vodka, housemade caramel, cream, and sea salt. It’s definitely dessert in a glass! This cocktail can also be a perfect boozy after dinner dessert.

D Bar’s Salted Caramel Martini

Scrumptious Starters

D Bar’s Crue Fries are one of the best cheese fries I’ve ever had! What makes this sinfully good and sets them apart from other cheese fries is the silky smooth Mac sauce. The same sauce they toss their Mac & Cheese in. They take their Parmesan fries and smother them in their Mac sauce. Then top them with cheddar and jack cheese, bacon, ranch and chives. OMG! It’s a huge portion but you can get a smaller portion at happy hour. The fries are thin cut and would go perfect with a milkshake. Maybe even a boozy milkshake?

Another great appetizer is their wings. Lets start with their capped with delicious melted cheese curds. Genius idea! They are sweet but have a great balance between heat, sweet, and slight acidity.

Delish Dishes

Bacon Mac & Cheese
This is grownup Mac and cheese at its best.  Panko crumble on top that when mixed in provides this great crunch. The bacon is the perfect balance of smoke to the Mac. Some how it’s really cheesy without being overly cheese if that’s possible. You can add chicken or a lobster tail to the top if you want to make it more decedent. Even the half portion of Mac and cheese is a generous portion

D Bar Burger
This restaurant isn’t really a place you’d think about going for one of the best burgers in town. What makes this burger really good is the tender gold canyon angus beef, and really interesting a-1 aioli and two different types of cheeses. Bun was soft, lettuce was so crisp you heard that crunch when you went in for a bite. Served with parm fries which are good not great.  I’d get their crue fries which are out of this world! As a note their burger was voted one of the best burgers by 5280 magazine.  Just saying!

The Main Attraction – Dessert!

The best recommendation I can make is dessert is a must!  When the server says “Did you save room for dessert?”  I guarantee you’ll be saying yes no matter how full you are!  At D Bar this is a course not to be skipped!  I guarantee it will be one of the coolest dessert experiences you ever have.  If you’re like me you would have already scored the best seat in the restaurant at there very cool dessert bar.  Watching these pastery magician work their magic and scoping out what dessert your tummy has its eye on!  All the desserts are artfully crafted and meticulously put together with love. All their dessert are over the top masterpieces! They truly mix art and dessert making it just as much a visual pleasing experience as well as devin for your tastebuds!

Ch Ch Churros

The piping hot soft cinnamon sugar churros are served with sweet delicious side of caramel sauce to dunk the churros in. On the other side you have dulcey ice cream that you can use as periodic bits of to cut the sweetness and get your palate ready for the next bite of delicious churros!

Cake & Shake

This is one of the best 3 layer chocolate cakes in Denver. The mountain of chocolate heaven stands at least 4 inches tall no exzaggeration. It’s everything you want chocolate cake to be. It’s moist. The frosting is velvety goodness. Flavors of dark chocolate are left on your palate after every bite. It’s rich but some how gets away with not being to rich for another bite. It is a luxe taste in your mouth! It has that delicious layers of frosting in between the cake. I got the raspberry shake with it which was a great complement to the chocolate. You can pick between a vanilla, chocolate, or raspberry shake. The raspberry taste like raspberry sorbet. Very fresh tasting shake if that’s a thing.

Seasonal desserts

The Xmas wonderland with pillows of light meranguie. They actually use a real record player as a kitchen gadget to balance the plate on and spread the chocolate into the interesting circular pattern seen in this dessert.

Beach Please!
One of the best desserts I’ve ever had!  You can’t get this right now, but I hope they bring it or something like it back next summer (Please Please!  My taste buds are begging you!) This dessert is really refreshing and perfect for the summer. This is the perfect patio dessert. Very light on the palate and leaves you really craving the next bite. There is many different components that all work really well together to make the perfect summer dessert. One of my favorite parts to this dessert is the coconut tuile (we had something very similar to these at SOMA in Toronto if you’re ever in that area).  They are almost like thin coconut cookies that are to die for! This dessert is fun to order while sitting at their dessert bar and watching them meticulously plate your dessert piece de resistance!

If you don’t feel like eating dessert you can always drink it! Another yummy option to end your meal is the Disco Dust Martini. Served with a white chocolate strawberry dusted disco edible decoration floating on top of the martini. They also serve yummy inniskillin ice wine!

A couple housekeeping notes that might be useful – Free 2 hour parking in the City Block Parking Garage Leasing and Retail space that D Bar is attached to. Great dining option if you’re looking for some place fun to eat after the zoo! They also do a delightful afternoon tea everyday. Just call 24 hours in advance to make a reservation.

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