Every Torchy’s Taco Ranked

ALL 33 Torchy’s Tacos Ranked including the Secret Menu!

I love famed Austin, Texas born Torchy’s Tacos! Since it’s unveiling in Denver, Torchy’s has become my go to spot for quick Saturday morning DAMN GOOD brunch! I love mixing and matching tacos to what my palate desires that day. I’m not limited to two or three of the same boring tacos, which is perfect for my indecisive personality. It was out of this wavering that one day I was like “I want to try them all!” From then on it became my mission to taste every Torchy’s tacos including their secret menu!

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You say “Hold up. Wait a minute. I didn’t know they had a secret menu?” Yes, seven super secretive delicious tacos on their secret menu, and twenty six not so secret tasty tacos on their regular menu. For a whopping thirty three different tacos! With those kind of options I knew what needed to be done – taste them all!

Full disclosure – I did not eat all these tacos in one sitting. That would be crazy! It’s not a hotdog eating competition! This massive tasting took months to complete, and many tacos were savored. I’m glad I did. I discovered some new taco flavors I never would have normally tried. I figured what better way to share this information then rank them so no one would be faced with these tough Torchy’s taco decisions again!

Photo Credit : Torchy’s Facebook

Tasty Tips: Start off with their Green Chile Queso and Guacamole as an appetizer and thank me later! If you don’t want a huge portion, or are dining solo, they offer a half portion of their Queso and Guac. All you have to do is ask as it is not on their regular menu.

Photo Credit : Torchy’s Facebook

Check back often. I’ll be updating this article monthly as Torchy’s does a “Taco of the Month” that of course I have to try! I didn’t include these monthly tacos in the rankings since they aren’t available all the time.  I do recommend you try them.  They come up with some very tasty combinations. Some I wish they had on their menu all the time!

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

Tasty Tips: They may have a limited dessert selection but their Lil’ Nookies are sinfully good. Chocolate chip cookie dough fried crunchy on the outside and ooey gooey deliciousness on the inside! They are super sweet and rich so only the small portion is needed. Enough about appetizers and desserts let’s get to the main event. And now the taco rankings…

33. Spinach, Egg, & Bacon

(#6 Breakfast Taco)

One of Torchy’s classic breakfast numbered tacos. They cut up pieces of bacon and spinach and cook them right into the egg like an omelet. The bacon is wonderful, but the wilted cooked spinach is not. They have better breakfast taco choices.

32. Mr. Pink

This fish taco is mildly hot from the Mexican guajillo chile spice rub used to flavor the tuna. It’s not the heat that puts this taco at the bottom of the ranks. It’s dry. The cabbage fresca, cotija cheese, and cilantro are too mild of flavors to overcome the doubled up limp soft corn tortilla and bland fish. If I was going to order this taco again (and I wouldn’t) I’d suggest it on flour. Then drown it in their divine chipotle sauce to help try and save it. It’s a gluten-free tuna taco for $4.75. Healthier yes. Delicious not so much.

31. The Hipster

(Secret Menu)

The only cool thing about this fish taco is it’s the lone time on Torchy’s menu (regular or secret) they use fried tuna. Fried usually = good. Unfortunately, regardless of how they cook it, I find the flavor of their tuna unexciting. Although better than its brother taco Mr. Pink, probably because it’s fried. It just beats it out by a smidge. Hey, this is a taco joint not a sushi restaurant, and you’ve still got thirty more taco options!

30. Potato, Bean, & Cheese

(#5 Breakfast Taco)

Your given a choice of either refried black or pinto beans on this vegetarian breakfast taco. They pack it with potatoes. Their beans already have a slight kick to them, but this taco definitely could benefit from adding the green chilies for 25 cents. Also consider the addition of avocado (or maybe an egg lol). It’s a good simple vegan taco option, but they easily have others that surpass this one in flavor.

29. Ranch Hand

Torchy’s version of the breakfast classic steak and eggs. Strips of flavorful marinaded beef. Their famous diablo sauce to add that Texas kick! That heat will endure so it’s not for people who don’t like spice. The grilled beef can be chewy at times, which is why this taco ranks so low. They have better breakfast meat alternatives.

28. Mr. Orange

Like a lot of their other fish tacos it’s bland, but it’s better than the tuna! The flat taste is surprising since they blackened the salmon. Somehow it misses the mark of those bold cajun spices that are desired. The corn tortilla takes away from the fish. Dries it out and overpowers the other competing flavors. They have a more desirable fish taco on the menu further down the ranks.

27. Potato, Egg & Cheese

(#2 Breakfast Taco)

This taco is pretty basic. I would add green chilies for 25 cents, and choose your sauce to jazz it up! It’s not bad. The vanilla ice cream of Torchy’s breakfast tacos. Nothing wrong with vanilla. Just nothing special.  A perfect decision if you’re hungover and need something more mild for the tummy.

26. Green Chile Pork

I love Torchy’s juicy tender pork carnitas. I actually think it’s one of the best meats they offer. Regardless, this taco is missing that vavavoom factor. They suggest having it on corn tortillas, which is a mistake. The tortilla falls apart and is dry. I’d switch it up and get this on flour. Torchy’s makes a few tweaks to this taco design on their secret menu, which really catapults its sister taco up the ranks. Get that taco!

25. Mad Cow

(Secret Menu)

If you were alive in the 80’s the naming of this taco is absolutely horrible. Crazy Cow wasn’t available? Otherwise this is a mild taco where you mostly taste a pile of mellow jack cheese and fajita beef. The black beans are mashed, and don’t add a lot of gusto, only texture. Torchy’s let’s work on that name change!

24. Chicken Fajita

Marinaded grilled chicken served with seared onions and colorful bell pepper strips. Wonderful if you want fajitas, but without all the work. Unfortunately, it lacks that craveable juicy chicken component that makes a sizzling fajita so good. It’s surprising this taco doesn’t come accompanied with sour cream, guacamole, or avocado slice options. I’d definitely consider those topping additions.

23. Monk

A dependable breakfast taco. The combo of eggs, bacon, green chiles, cheese, and tomatillo sauce rolled up taste like a mini breakfast burrito. The green chiles and tomatillo sauce mix together to resemble a green chile concoction. The problem is I live in the land of Denver where smothered green chile breakfast burritos reign supreme! This taco doesn’t stand a chance when you can have the real deal.

22. Fried Avocado

This is a solid vegetarian taco. Breaded and lightly fried avocados that are crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. Normally served on corn tortillas. If you’ve read this far you get the gist that I’m not a huge fan of Torchy’s corn tortillas. You can always change up your tortillas preference when you order, which I would. What makes this taco sing is the drizzle of poblano sauce. I could put that dressing on everything!

21. Migas

Different cities are known for distinctive breakfast loves. New Yorkers have their bagels. Denver has a fondness for breakfast burritos. The Migas is an Austin, Texas Tex-Mex breakfast staple. A straight forward, what you see is what you get, breakfast taco.  All the flavors work together in perfect unison. Egg, cheese, pico, crunch from tortillas strips, and flavor injection from green chilies. Topped with a big creamy avocado slice! This isn’t one of the more exotic breakfast choice, but if you want a solid breakfast taco with a nod to Austin this is a great go to.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

20. Democrat

Moist tender shredded beef barbacoa served the authentic way with onions and cilantro. Topped with a lush avocado slice, sprinkle of cotija cheese, and traditional corn tortilla. Unfortunately, it’s missing the home cooked herbs and spices goodness factor found from a mom-and-pop Mexican establishment that can make this meat so swoon worthy.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

19. Crossroads

I’m at a crossroads.  Some of you may like the tender aggressively smoky beef brisket.  Topped with grilled onion, pickled green jalapenos, chopped cilantro, creamy avocado, and soft shredded jack cheese.  I’m partial to this taco on flour instead of the corn tortilla suggested.  They have a secret menu brother taco “The Matador” where the fillings and sauces just work better.  Keep reading to find where that taco ranks.

18. Republican

This taco is huge! A big grilled jalapeño link.  I don’t pickup a ton of jalapeño flavoring. It’s more reminiscent of a hot dog. I think the sausage tastes better when paired with eggs.  Rather than trying to carry the whole taco show by itself. Torchy’s offers so many other ways to have their jalapeño sausage that is more desirable.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

17. Alabama Shake

This is my favorite of their four fish tacos. Catfish coated in a crispy southern cornmeal crust. Light crunchy poblano slaw with a slight hint of heat. Tangy red sweet and sour Peppadew peppers and cotija cheese that bring depth to the taco. Finished off with a drizzle of avocado sauce. You’ll be singing “Sweet Home Alabama” in no time!

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

16. Beef Fajita

The marinated beef has great flavor, but can be a little chewy. The grilled veggies add crunch. What’s surprising is this taco doesn’t come all dressed up with sour cream, guacamole, or an avocado slice. I’d definitely think about adding one of those toppings to complete this fajita.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

15. Independent

If your a vegetarian this taco is amazing! If your a meat eater it’s just good. The fried portobello mushroom gives crunch. While the spicy vinegary carrots pair well with the nutty Parmesan fresco cheese. Lots of robust flavors extracted from every bite.  One of their best gluten free vegetarian tacos offered.

14. The Wrangler

I think the idea of mixing barbecue and breakfast fare is culinary genius! Sadly, I’m not a huge fan of Torchy’s beef brisket. It can taste dried out, but does have that good Texas smoke. Served with tomatillo sauce that gives it a little kick.  Adding another dimension of flavor. When ordering this taco just be warned it has the widest range of outcomes. If the brisket has been cooked low and slow, and is tender and juicy that day, this taco is tasty! But if it’s off and chewy, you’ll regret this Texas brunch.

13. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese

(#1 Breakfast Taco)

Breakfast bacon lovers unite! There are many meats offered on Torchy’s menu. Some are better than others. Their bacon is one of the really good ones. They know how to cook bacon! Torchy’s bacon is a very smoky. That’s pretty much the only flavor that comes threw on this taco. If you have a fondness for bacon in the morning then you’re going to love this taco. My favorite way to jazz up this taco is to add avocado and poblano sauce. Remember you can also kick it up a notch with green chiles for only 25 cents!

12. Jalapeño Sausage, Egg, & Cheese

(#4 Breakfast Taco)

On this breakfast number taco they cut up jalapeño sausage into little pieces, and cook it into your egg omelet style.  The jalapeño sausage and egg are delish in this breakfast option. Way better then the Republican taco version.  I love to customize this taco by adding those green chilies.

11. Chorizo, Egg, & Cheese

(#3 Breakfast Taco)

Eggs, chorizo, cheese, and green chiles are just breakfast flavors meant for each other! They cook the chorizo right into the egg, and it’s got a little kick. This breakfast taco is perfect to splurge and added the green chilies for 25 cents!

10. Dirty Sanchez

There are some unexpected toppings in this breakfast taco. It starts with fluffy eggs that are layered with a fried poblano chile and creamy guacamole goodness. Mexican-style escabeche carrots add crunchy texture with a pickled spicy zing. Sprinkled with cheese and drizzled with poblano sauce! The unconventional combination of ingredients taste incredible together. It’s one of their best vegetarian taco options period. If you’re looking for something bursting with flavor and color for breakfast their’s a lot of tastes at play with this taco.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

9. Brushfire

This is the spiciest tacos on their menu, and that heat tends to linger. The combination mango, grilled jalapeño, and fiery diablo sauce flavors meld to deliver a sweet blaze. Wait for it. Wait for it. Then BAM it’s there and you can’t get rid of it. The drizzle of sour cream and mango help to extinguish the flames…a little bit. Can’t say you weren’t warned with a name like “Brushfire!”

8. Jack of Clubs

(Secret Menu)

This is my favorite breakfast taco option with one caveat, I like to create my own secret menu item and add chorizo. Don’t get me wrong this taco is good on its own merit.  But, I strongly believe this is the way this taco should be served. Perfect if you like to start the day off a little spicy!

A taco homage to huevos rancheros. Definitely has a kick from the combo of spiced home fries, black bean purée, and diablo sauce. You get a lot of crunch from the mega tortillas strips. Capped off with a runny egg that breaks all over your face when you take that first glorious bite! Preparation is key with this taco. If the egg is fried over easy this taco is marvelous! But if it’s fried over hard you miss out on that delicious yolk. Meh. It’s this inconsistency that can lower it’s ranking.

With no chorizo it’s a more exotic vegetarian breakfast taco option.  Adding chorizo is a game-changer.  Be prepared with the extra napkins because this taco can get messy quick.

7. The Matador

(Secret Menu)

This taco is massive with two tortilla shells. Flour on the outside and crispy corn tortilla in the center. Love the crunch from the fried corn shell. The chopped beef brisket has a big smokey flavor, but not one that I totally dig. More like liquid smoke. The drizzled tomatillo over top actually helps dissipate the smoke flavor and make this taco better. The pickled onions provide a little balance of sweetness to the taco.

6. Trailer Park Hillbilly Style

(Secret Menu)

I think they should rename this “The Kitchen Sink” taco. It’s a spinoff from the original Trailer Park trashy taco. Like so many sequels in life the OG is better. It almost has to much stuff packed into it if you can believe that. The juicy fried chicken can get lost in a sea of meats, cheeses, and sauce. Just to show sometimes more is not always better. Keep reading to find where the original lands in the ranks.

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

5. Ace of Spades

(Secret Menu)

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this taco is no exception! It’s so huge they have to serve it on a bigger tortilla. You’ve got yourself a one and done taco situation on your hands! Two bbq style meats, three different kinds of cheese and a fried egg. A big smokey flavor with a kick from the combo of brisket and full size link of jalapeño sausage. A super delicious mess! If you order this taco get the napkins on standby!

Photo Credit: Torchy’s Facebook

4. Tipsy Chick

What makes this taco so DAMN delicious is the bacon bourbon marmalade! Epicurean liquid gold! The supporting ingredients includes: slices of grilled chicken, fresh spinach, corn kernels for texture, green chiles for slight hotness, an a drizzle of creamy chipotle sauce. Served with a side of the piece de resistance large pieces of bacon you can actually see in a sweet bourbon jam. What’s not to love?

Tasty Tips: Don’t be afraid to ask for that sauce (or any of them for that matter) on another taco if you want. One of the cashiers suggested the bacon bourbon marmalade on the monthly Roscoe chicken and waffle taco back in March. Mind blown! This idea was pure genius! I’m often slathering their poblano ranch all over every taco.

3. Baja Shrimp

What makes this taco pop is the contrast in flavors. Slightly sweet pickled onions mixed with the salty textured cotija cheese. A burst of heat from the pickled jalapeños and drizzle of creamy chipotle sauce. As a personal touch I like the addition of diced mango to this taco! Magnifique!

2. Green Chile Pork Missionary Style

(Secret Menu)

I ❤️ this taco! First off it’s massive, and I really dig their shredded pork. The carnitas and fried chicken are probably my favorite meats at Torchy’s. I love the crunch factor from the fried corn tortillas plus it provides a useful purpose to help this taco stay together while devouring it. Bonus! Vinegary sweet pickled onion, creamy guacamole, and divine chipotle sauce work in harmony. I’d pick this Green Chile Pork version hands down every time!

1. Trailer Park (Trashy)

Let me first say, the only way to get this taco is Trashy. When you ask for it “Trashy” in Torchy’s lingo this means you take off lettuce and add their award winning green chile queso. A no brainer to me. If you don’t get this taco “trashy” it’s ranking plummets. I mean lettuce over cheese…come on.

Deliciously moist juicy fried chicken, pico, green chiles, shredded cheese and then green chile queso cheese on top of that. The piece de resistance is the drizzle of poblano sauce. I like to add avocado to this taco so I can feel a little better about myself while I eat that scrumptious fried chicken! Torchy’s I think I’m in love!

Tasty Tips: You can top any Torchy’s taco with their award winning green chile queso. Just ask to “make it trashy.”

Which Torchy’s taco is your #1? Drop us a comment about your favorite Torchy’s taco or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @FoodandCocktailScene.

My favorite Torchy’s Taco’s location is in Denver, Colorado at 11th and Broadway. While your grabbing delicious tacos check out the cool street art nearby. In the parking lot is an amazing mural paying homage to iconic musical artists. Across the street a tribute to the late Prince. Located behind the restaurant sits The Curious Theater that is painted in rainbow colors and butterflies.

Prince mural painted by El Marsito, Zak Wilson, Samuel Shoho and B.O.A. Graphics

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