The Inventing Room does elevated Donuts to Perfection!

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

The Inventing Room is one of my absolute favorite Denver area dessert shops! When I received the email its Molecular Donut Pop-Up Shop was back, I eagerly circled my calendar (Pro Tip: I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter at

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

The Inventing Room has been closed for the winter season so I was jumping at another chance to taste Chef Ian Kleinman’s Willa Wonka style over the top dessert creations. This isn’t my first time experiencing Chef’s Kleinman’s mad genius foodie escapades. His donut pop ups have become legendary in Denver bringing donuts to a whole new stratosphere with these epic sugar breakfast masterpieces!

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

I approach the counter and I’m presented with so many decadent options! 10 donuts in all. Mind blowing creations like Lemon Curd Creme Brûlée, Birthday Cake with blue raspberry cotton candy, and Bone Marrow & Apple. Yes that’s a donut! The staff was so very patience as it took me forever to painstaking mull over my donut decisions and narrow down my yummy dilemma. See I’ve been to Inventing Room before, and knowing I already made the best decision of the day to get my butt out of bed and get over to this morning pop up!

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

While there is no wrong desision on this menu there is definitely the foodie fear of missing out I grapple with. It may be because they’ve been closed for the season and I know this is my only winter chance to get my Willa Wonka dessert fix! My just awaking mind tries to wrap my head around all the totally outrageously delicious decisions. All the flavors looked super intriguing and I know Chef Kleinman never disappoints. I settle on three to try. Wishing I had brought friends on this foodie excursion. This leads me another Pro Tip don’t go this alone. Bring friends so you can share, split, and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

This is definitely a knife and fork situation. These are no ordinary donuts. The attention to detail that goes into all the different ingredients and components. With elements like strawberry cotton candy, magic chocolate, and pine needle ice cream some components you would have never dreamed of eating together let alone on a donut. These creations somehow are able to walk the culinary circus tight rope of indulging your sweet tooth but not being overly sweet. They cleverly strike the perfect balance leaving your tastebuds begging for the next bite.

The three donuts I tried on this visit were The Elvis, Unicorn, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Yes these are donuts!

The Elvis

In this donut you can really taste the freshness and quality ingredients they are using. The double peanut butter cream is so rich, thick, smooth, and creamy. The banana fosters is flam bayed to perfection. The thick cut spicy candied bacon covered in chocolate is the piece a la resistance. Inventing Room “thank you, thank you very much!”


The Unicorn is a mix of unexpected textures that really fly together. The stewed blueberries are the perfect consistency and sweetness and mix well with the Bavarian cream. The rainbow sprinkles give a great crunch. The strawberry cottton candy is something I didn’t even know I was missing in my life let alone on my donut. The dark chocolate unicorn puts it over the top as the perfect Instagram worthy touch!

Lemon Meringue Pie

The lemon curd is the perfect tartness and the pie crumbs provide this great sweet change in texture. Love the toasted merengue. The perfectly fryed eclair works so well with these toppings.

Photo Credit: Inventing Room Facebook Page

I left wishing I could attend all 3 days but I have a family vacation planned. It was fun to get back to this awesome dessert shop and taste their molecular gastronomy Willie Wonka creations. Inventing Room shows again it can really shine all hours of the day.

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