The 8 Most Delightful Dumplings in Denver

Get the chopsticks ready, and let the dumpling crawl begin!

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Soup dumplings in a bamboo steamer basket

Dumplings are a scrumptious soul warming comfort food, offering the perfect combination of a tender pocket hiding the rich delicacies within. In the past year many delightful dumpling shops have opened in Denver. I know a good dumpling when I taste one. I love them whether they’re steamed or fried, stuffed with juicy pork, soupy or dry.

Legend has it that dumpling pouches resemble bags of money, and eating them can bring luck. If there’s anything we could all use in 2020 it’s a little luck! On that note, I’m calling out The 8 Most Delightful Dumplings in Denver right now!

1. Baba & Pop’s Pierogi Kitchen & Bar

This former food truck is making some of Denver’s BEST scratch made plump Pierogis in it’s new brick and mortar concept on Colfax.

While inspiration for the restaurant comes from the owner’s Polish emigrate great-grandparents lovingly known as Baba & Pops. It’s the imaginative new world spin that sets this delicious eatery apart!

Playful pierogi flavors include: a deep fried tomato basil mozzarella Pizza-rogi served with marinara, Chile Relleno filled with roasted hatch green chiles & Monterey jack cheese, Polish Sauerkraut with kielbasa, caramelized onion, and mustard Smetana, Pierogi Poutine stuffed with slow cooked pulled pork then capped with pork bone gravy & cheese curds, and don’t forget the Apple Pie-rogi for dessert!

Also, don’t miss their Instagram worthy brunch menu, offering tasty options like a Polish Pierogi Benedict and The Buddy Mary. A 50 ounce shareable house Bloody Mary garnished with fried chicken kabobs, kielbasa, charred jalapeno, bacon, pickled veggies, & cheese curds! Now that’s a reason to get out of bed!

You can prepare for future cravings by grabbing one of their frozen pierogi packages to go. I think I’m just stocking my freezer with Pierogi’s??!!

Baba & Pop's Pierogi Kitchen & Bar
9945 East Colfax Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010
(720) 476-7183

2. ChoLon

This Asian fusion spot in downtown has drawn rave reviews ever since it opened in 2010. ChoLon’s heavenly soup dumplings are filled with sweet caramelized onions, melty gruyere cheese, and deliciously rich French onion broth. A superdelicious mash-up of cuisines packing a flavorful umami filled punch right into a dumpling.

The signature dish at ChoLon may not be authentic, but its twist gets my vote as the BEST Soup Dumpling in Denver. They also make my list of The Best Dishes I’ve Ever Eaten. There’s now a second location in east Denver, which serves up the same delectable dumplings.

ChoLon Downtown
1555 Blake St.
Denver, CO
(303) 353-5223
ChoLon Central Park
10195 East 29th Drive
Denver, CO 80238
(720) 550-6934

3. Lao Wang Noodle House

This very hidden gem on Federal Blvd serves authentic Taiwanese street fare prepared by Mom & Dad Wang. Come here for their famous xiao long bao filled with rich broth, and perfect pan seared bottom potstickers finished with a gorgeous lacy tuile to capture the vinegar dipping sauce.

Lao Wang Noodle House
945 South Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 975-2497

4. Mason’s Dumpling Shop

The wait for one of L.A.’s BEST Chinese dumpling companies finally came to an end this spring when Mason’s Dumpling Shop opened their second restaurant in Aurora. They are up and running, and living up to the hype.

This is the place to go to get your dumpling fix! At the Colorado outpost the menu features hand rolled wrappers made fresh daily with an expansive variety of meat or vegetable fillings served steamed, boiled, or pan-fried. Plus there are soup dumplings so opportunity abounds for delicious choices!

The Pan Fried Beef Cheese and Onion Dumplings aren’t always on the menu, but when they are, make sure you try this top pick. A dumpling stand out.

They even sell frozen dumplings to go for a quick and easy to cook option as a delicious snack, appetizer, or light meal at home! They are truly dumpling specialist. Tasty extras like steamed buns, and rice & noodle bowls are also offered.

Mason’s Dumpling Shop
9655 East Montview Blvd
Aurora, CO
(303) 600-8998

5. Radical Sasquatch Dumpling Company

Radical Sasquatch is a mobile dumpling truck pumping out some of the best riffs on dumplings in the city.

Playful concoctions include: Al Pastor wrapped in Masa infused dough and topped with Pineapple Poblano Salsa, Beef & Cheese Taco with a cool Crema Mexicana, sweet & spicy Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and my two personal favorites the wildly inventive Buffalo Chicken, and creative Garlic Parmesan Chicken Dumplings.

These massive Garlic Parmesan Chicken Dumplings are packed with chicken, roasted garlic, sautéed onions, parmesan & cream cheese. Then deep fried golden crisp to create a nice crunch when you bite in, and capped with a garlic sage butter that is pure decadence.

Have you ever had dumplings tossed in buffalo sauce? Dark meat chicken, smoked paprika onions, blue cheese crumbles, and cream cheese make up the stuffing for these phenomenal Buffalo Chicken Dumplings. They’re then coated in delicious spicy buffalo sauce, and topped with more blue cheese crumbs & chives. Served with a side of creamy ranch to calm the fiery filling.

Don’t just take my word for it, Radical Sasquatch Dumpling Company was also voted Westword 2019 Readers Choice Award for “Best of Denver Food Truck/Cart.”

To track down this Radical Sasquatch just go to their events page or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Seoul ManDoo

Seoul ManDoo is an entire eatery dedicated to the delicious authentic Korean dumpling. These street-food-style dumplings are all handmade using an old family recipe, and can be ordered steamed or fried.

From Giant Mandu the size of an empanada stuffed with either meat, kimchi, veggie, Galbi (Korean BBQ), or shrimp, to Seoul dumplings filled with ground meat or kimchi, you won’t leave here hungry!

They also sell packs of frozen dumplings you can take & make at home when you feel like it. Then gorge out on these warm delights on the comfort of your couch wearing stretchy sweatpants!

Seoul ManDoo
2222 South Havana Street
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 953-9590

7. Yuan Wonton

Yuan Wonton is powered by a wife & husband food truck dynamo duo cooking some of the indisputably BEST dumplings, wontons, and potstickers in town!

All the dough is handmade from scratch. Shef Penelope Wong’s signature is the Hong Kong style Chili Wonton finished with a secret sauce and housemade Szechuan chili oil, crispy garlic, shallots, & cilantro.

You can also choose from rice and noodle dishes, chicken satay dumplings, pork and black mushroom shumai, Szechuan eggplant dumplings, perfectly pleated potstickers, and exemplary soup dumplings. Or, just get them all, because they are all of very high quality, tender fillings, chewy wrappers, and expert folding.

These dumplings are so delish Channel 7 News called them a Mile High Must. For information on where they’re going to be next follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

8. Zoe Ma Ma

Food at Zoe Ma Ma is made with a mother’s love. A fast-casual family inspired eatery featuring Asian street food opened by Edwin Zoe and his mom Anna in 2010.

Their open kitchen concept gives diners a glimpse of the handiwork involved in preparing their delicious dumplings, so you know what you’re getting is very fresh.

Ma Ma’s Potstickers are a MUST HAVE using a “top secret family recipe” prepared with both pork & shrimp, garlic chive, and vegetables. The dumplings are then pan fried with a crispy bottom until tender, juicy, and crisp.

But, don’t overlook the rest of the menu. The Pearl Meatballs made with pork and water chestnuts, Za Jiang Mian crafted with scratch noodles and saucy pork, roasted Duck Wonton & Braised Beef Noodle Soups, and enormous pork-filled Bao are all at the top of their game.

Zoe Ma Ma Union Station
1625 Wynkoop St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 545-6262
Zoe Ma Ma Boulder
2010 10th St.
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 545-6262

Did I miss your favorite Denver dumplings house? Please let me know in the comments.

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